Trainer and Student Commitment


Trainer and Student Commitment




Students must currently be working closely with their trainer, in a clinical role within the specialist Orthodontic practice for a minimum of 3 days (21 hours) per week or 5 days (30 hours) per week for an apprenticeship.

Trainers are to be available to support students throughout both their clinical and theoretical learning journeys via dedicated tutorial times (to be decided between the trainer and student) and close clinical contact.

Upon successful application, the student must continue to fulfil the essential clinical working time as above, working closely with their trainer for a minimum of 3 days (21 hours) per week, or a minimum 30 hours per week for an apprenticeship.

Trainers must complete calibration and training exercises set by the programme as a GDC requirement, to ensure that quality of training is standardised and consistent across all students.

Students must attend all training sessions throughout the course calendar.

Trainers must facilitate the student being absent from the clinic to allow their attendance to all set core study sessions.

Due to the competitive nature of the application process, students must ensure that they meet as many of the ideal entry requirements as possible prior to submitting their application.

Trainers are to be available to attend and partake in ‘Trainer sessions’ alongside the student group on 3 dates during the teaching calendar.

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